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Questions? We Got Answers

We try out best to be as clear as possible but sometimes, things can still be foggy. Here is a list of questions we’re frequently asked, with some helpful answers. Can’t find the answer to your question below? Click here to send us your question. We will try our best to answer back to you promptly.

What is the password to access the Signature Info Form page?2018-09-28T07:04:16-04:00

You will find a link to the Signature Info Form and the access password in the order receipt emailed to you after you place an order.

What is included in the package?2018-09-30T00:31:31-04:00

All packages include the HTML coding, testing, and installation instructions. The Standard, Premium and Professional package also include design process and revisions and 1 free year of CDN image hosting for your signature files and images. Continue hosting your signature files and images on our CDN for only $15.99 per year. A free informational update (a $25+ value) is included with each additional year of Managed CDN Hosting service.

With the Basic plan, you provide the signature design for us to implement, as well as provide your own hosting for your images.

What formats can I receive my signature in?2018-09-28T06:53:56-04:00

We will provide a HTML file for installation into your email program. The HTML file will work on any machine.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question here?2018-09-30T00:32:12-04:00

Not a problem, click here to write us a message now and we will get back to you promptly.

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)?2018-09-28T07:06:32-04:00

CDN short for Content Delivery Network is a way of hosting and handling website files. CDN decreases the load time of our website content by distributing it over a geographically-diverse content delivery network covering North America and Europe.

When users open your emails with remote images, the bulk of the response time is due to content download such as images, style sheets, and scripts. When you are using our Managed CDN Hosting service, however, your visitors will download that content from the nearest available server on the CDN network, resulting in significantly faster response times.

How do I order more than 1 year of Managed CDN Hosting service?2018-09-30T00:34:13-04:00

Simply edit the quantity to the number of years you want to order after you add the Managed CDN Hosting service to your shopping cart. For more info, go to the Pricing page.

Will the html email signature work on my iPhone and iPad?2018-09-28T06:53:20-04:00

Yes. The html email signature are fully compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Is www.htmlsignature.com related to www.mydesignpad.com/htmlsignature?2018-11-24T02:15:41-05:00

Yes, www.htmlsignature.com was created as an update to www.mydesignpad.com/htmlsignature. Customers can order HTML email signatures easier and faster on the new site. We have simplified the creation process and added easy to follow install instruction guides for use with current popular email apps.

Does HTMLSIGNATURE offer any other services?2018-11-24T02:22:36-05:00

Yes, complimenting our HTML email signature service, we also do vector logo recreation. You give us a jpg of your logo and we vectorize it for you. Contact us for more info and cost.